Why You May Need Help From A Florida Workers Compensation Lawyer

Very often if you have a workers comp claim and are being seen by a medical provider you may not agree with the workers compensation doctors opinion of the extent of your injury, the need for light duty or your  readiness to return to full time work.

You May Need a Second Medical Opinion

You may need the help of an experienced workers compensation lawyer to get that second opinion.

Many Floridians who are  injured on tha job are disatisfied with the insurance  carriers doctor they have been sent to. Thgere are numerous reasons for this but, the big question is what are your rights in this situation?

The Florida workers comp laws do not give you much recourse. You may be able to get a second opinion

but, a workers comp judge must order this. You will need an  evidentiary hearing and must demonstrate your  entitlement  to this  second opinion.

If you have an ongoing Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Homestead, Keys, Vero Beach, Okeechobee, Belle Glade, Miami Beach  workers comp claim, it is important that you retain  a workers compensation  attorney who is experienced with the Florida workers' compensation, job site injury laws.  You are entitled to all of  your workers compensation benefits. You need an experienced workers comp lawyer fighting  for your rights and  watching out for you. Remeber an adjuster is not your friend.

Let us help you get a lawyers to help with your on the job injury  as well as a doctor.