Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Injury Doctors Network has formed an alliance with Nursing Home Lawsuit Helpline to get families nursing home abuse lawyers. Nursing home abuse has become a serious problem. The numbers are staggering. Nursing homes must be held accountable for neglect and abuse of our frail elderly. This should never be allowed.

Our Nursing Home abuse and Neglect lawyers are ready to help you file a Nursing Home Abuse or neglect lawsuit.

Does your loved one have bed sores, unexplained injuries, bruises and abrasions?
Is your loved one showing signs of malnutrition, dehydration, or extreme weight loss?
Has your loved one been mistreated by emotional abuse or sexual abuse?
Has there been theft of money or personal property?
Has there been medical malpractice?
Has your loved continuously fallen out of bed or in the shower?
Has there been a broken hip or unexplained fractures?
Is staff afraid to leave you alone with your loved one?
Are they constantly saying “she or he just  says foolish things? “

It may be time to speak to one of our nursing home abuse or neglect lawyers about filing an abuse or neglect lawsuit.

Untreated Bedsores Is Neglect

Nursing home residents who are bedridden or confined to wheelchairs are at an  increased  risk for developing bedsores.  If your loved one resides in an assisted living or nursing home facility,stage 4 bedsores  bedsores are usually a sign of negligence. Bedsores come from prolonged pressure on the bony areas. Neglect means the patient was not moved, given pillows to relieve the pressure, kept clean or examined for bedsores and or a doctor was never told about the bedsore. Advanced stages of bedsores and pressure sores can lead to sepsis and death.

Stage 1 bedsores are not open wounds. They are irritation and a sign that something must be done to relieve the pressure to that area. They will progress if neglected.
Stage 2 pressure sores cause the skin to  break open, wear away, or form an ulcer.
Stage 3 bedsores  extend into the tissue beneath the skin.
Stage 4  pressure sores  are  very deep. They can  reach into muscle and bone and cause extensive damage.
In stages 3 and 4 there may be little or no pain  because there is significant tissue damage. Stage 4 complications include infections of the bone  or blood sepsis.

What Is A Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit?

A nursing home abuse lawsuit is a legal action against a nursing home due to a specific incident or a number of incidents that harmed an elderly resident. A nursing home abuse lawsuit assumes an intentional infliction of physical harm, pain or mental anguish.

What Is A Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit?

A nursing home neglect lawsuit is filed when a nursing home has sub-standard care that results in harm to your loved one. Neglect is a failure to provide the elderly resident with the care and services they are obligated to provide by law. The result is injury and/or emotional or physical harm. Nursing home neglect is defined as a breach of duty to your loved one.

What Are Nursing Home Abuse Or Neglect Lawyers?

Nursing Home lawyers file civil lawsuits for abuse, neglect, injury and unexplained death that occurs in a nursing home, assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, long term care facility, hospice or by home health care employees.

What Are The Different Types Of Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits I Can File?

Nursing Home  Abuse Lawyers For Emotional Abuse Lawsuits

Nursing home emotional abuse lawsuits are filed for verbal abuse and Psychological abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers For  Physical Abuse Lawsuits
Nursing home physical abuse lawsuits are filed due to the intentional infliction of physical harm

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers For  Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Sexual abuse lawsuits can be filed due to employee inappropriate behavior or not protecting the resident from another aggressive resident resulting in unwanted sexual advances or rape.

Theft and Financial Abuse Lawsuits

The most common are theft of personal property or misappropriation of funds

What Types OF Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits Have Lawyers Filed?

Bedsores and pressure sores left untreated
Malnutrition or dehydration
Odor of feces or urine, stains on clothing and in bed linens. Not changing resident in a timely manner
Fractures, bruises and wounds left untreated
Hip Fractures from falls
Multiple falls out of bed because the bed rail was left down
Peg tube and other life care devices malfunctioning
Bed rail strangulation
Death from neglect
Rough or negligent transfer resulting in injury
Not administering medication or over medicating
Placing walkers, wheelchairs or other adaptive devices out of reach
Sudden unexplained bruising, welts or scars.
Unsafe premises,
Scalding bath water
Signs of being restrained on the wrists or ankles.
Any other  neglectful  act resulting in  physical or emotional harm

Injury Doctors Helpline has formed an alliance with  to help families get a lawyer for nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse has become a serious problem. We must protect our elderly and  hold a  nursing home liable for the abuse and neglecxt inflicted on frail victims.