IVC Filters Are Causing Injury and Deaths

An IVC filter, Inferior Vena Cava Filter, Blood Clot Filter is a surgical implant used when a patient cannot take a blood thinner. It captures blood clots before they can become lodged in the brain or lungs. This avoids a potential stroke or pulmonary embolism. Get help with your  New York City; Los Angeles; Chicago; Houston; Philadelphia; Phoenix;  San Antonio; San Diego; Dallas;  San Jose; Austin; Jacksonville; Indianapolis; San Francisco; Columbus; Fort Worth; Charlotte; Detroit; El Paso; Memphis; Boston; Seattle; Denver; Washington; DC Nashville; Baltimore; Louisville; Portland; Oklahoma; Milwaukee; Las Vegas; Albuquerque; Tucson; Fresno; Sacramento; Long Beach; Kansas City ;

Mesa; Virginia Beach; Atlanta; Colorado Springs; Raleigh; Omaha; Miami; Oakland; Tulsa;  Minneapolis; Cleveland; Wichita; Arlington; New Orleans; Bakersfield; Tampa; Honolulu; Anaheim; Aurora; Santa Ana; St. Louis; Riverside; Corpus Christi; Pittsburgh; Lexington; Anchorage;Stockton; Cincinnati; St. Paul; Toledo; Newark; Greensboro; Plano; Henderson; Lincoln; Buffalo; Fort Wayne; Jersey City ; Chula Vista; Orlando; St. Petersburg; Norfolk; Chandler; Laredo; Madison; Durham; Lubbock; Winston-Salem; Garland;  Glendale; Hialeah; Reno; Baton Rouge; Irvine; Chesapeake; Irving; Scottsdale;  Las Vegas; Fremont; Gilbert town, San Bernardino; Boise; Birmingham; IVC Filter.

Although these blood clot filters can save lives they have some potentially very dangerous side effects. You may have seen lawyer ads on T.V claiming the dangers of these devices are the result of the man ufacturer offering a potentially flawed product. Lawsuits are being filed for injury and deaths from these products.

IVC Filter Overview

Lawsuits are being filed for the BARD, COOK or CORDIS IVC Filters


  • Recovery,
  • G2,
  • G2X,
  • Eclipse,
  • \Meridian,
  • Denali.


  • – Gunther Tulip
  • – Celect


  • – OptEase
  • – TrapEase


  • Tilt
  • Migration
  • Fracture
  • IVC perforation
  • Filter embolization
  • Filter unable to be retrieved percutaneously
  • Death

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