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Treatment for Denver  Auto Injury Victims


Denver Chiropractors For Your Auto Accident


High impact auto accidents can cause injury to your  body, particularly the spine. Adjusting the spine back to the proper alignment will give relief to pinched nerves, neck and back pain, as well as the muscular pain.

Physical Therapy After Your Denver Car Accident

Many times following a car accident the body is going to need to be
rehabilitated and strengthened. Physical therapy will work with you one on one to
provide therapeutic exercise, stretches, and activities to get you feeling well again.

Trigger Point Therapy:

Trigger point therapy is an injection administered into the
muscles that have built up knots, or scar tissue. These are found in a majority of
patients following a car accident. Our medical sta$ will sit down with you and see if you
are a candidate for this therapy following your trauma.

Denver Auto Injury Treatment

Treatment for Auto Injury Victims

It only takes one moment on the road and a negligent driver can leave you in  pain for the rest of your life . No matter how carefully you drive, you can always end up rear ended or pinned by another driver. Go to one of our Denver  injury clinics as soon as possible after the accident will get you on the right track for recovery. Waiting weeks or months could leave you suffering with compressed discs, developing bone spurs, and whiplash.

The Benefits Of Immediate Attention

The emergency responders that arrive on the scene of the accident will stabilize all parties and recommend them to seek medical attention. If the initial exam does not show signs of a concussion or internal injuries, that should not mean that you simply head home. It is best to have a full assessment done within 24 to 48 hours after an accident, even if it seemed minor. Diagnostics can rule out cracked ribs, spinal trauma, overextended necks, and other issues that can lead to permanent damage. Some injuries will not even start showing symptoms until a few hours have passed. A little extra attention right after an auto accident can make a major difference in how you feel in one month, or even one year down the road.

What Will An Auto Injury Clinic Assessment Include?

Since Denver Spine and Posture Center features numerous specialists and a medical doctor, we can run a wide range of diagnostics and tests to rule out common injuries. Depending on the severity of your accident, the assessment at Denver Spine and Posture Center may include:

Basic physical exam to document bruising or catch signs of more serious internal injury
X-rays to rule out fractures and breaks in bones throughout the body
Measurement of blood pressure and other vital signs
Manual testing of the spine and neck to find soreness and limited range of movement

Your Denver  Personal Injury  Lawyer

Will Need  Medical Records

Seeing an auto accident doctor as quickly as possible after an accident also helps you provide more proof for your insurance company. Denver Spine and Posture Center can record damages done to your spine or muscles in the accident. If the other driver is found to be at fault, you may have all of your medical expenses covered by their insurance company. Waiting too long to record a case of whiplash or a slipped disc makes it much harder to prove the condition was caused by the accident.

Your Denver Auto Accident  Recovery Process

Even if you are just a little sore from the accident, seeing a chiropractor at the Denver Spine and Posture Center can ensure your spine does not heal incorrectly and cause pain further down the road. Massage and spinal adjustments preserve proper posture during the healing process. If nothing else, invest in occasional examinations to ensure you have not developed a sudden case of scoliosis after the shock of the accident. Checking in periodically at the Denver Spine and Posture Center is the easiest way to ensure you are still on track for a full recovery.

Medical  Denver Auto Accident Treatment Options

If you do discover significant compression of the spine or a painful case of whiplash, starting treatment right away can minimize your pain. Immediate medical attention can reduce inflammation and swelling. The doctor may advise you to apply ice or heat, depending on the injury. Adjustments, massage, and other treatments from our auto injury clinic in Greater Denver can help you avoid a lifetime of reliance on medication or invasive surgeries. We’re located in Denver so patients from across the Greater Denver area can visit us on their lunch break. We understand it can be hard to fit medical treatments into a schedule that is already packed with family and career activities.

Denver Durable Medical Equipment For Your Auto Accident

We offer take home braces to help with back pain aswell as a TENS unit that can be worn at all times of the day to help alleviate pain. Theunit has stimulation pads that are placed on any area of the body experiencing pain.
The signal is sent to the body and can help with muscles spasms as well as long standing daily pain.