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Back And Neck Pain From A Car Accident?

The neck and back lie in a straight line supporting and maintaining the balance of the upper part of the body. This alignment can be thrown off by the imapct of a car accident.  The spinal cord runs through the neck and the back originating from the brain, which comprises a crucial part of the central nervous system. The spinal cord is protected by the spinal column, which is a series of bones (vertebrae) arranged in successive fashion, running through the length of the back and ending in the hip region. Neck & back pain often plagues people who have been injured in car, pedestrian, truck, motorcycle and other vehicle accidents.

Causes of Neck & Back Pain

Cervical Spondylosis From A Car Accident

Cervical spondylosis occurs when there is a tear of the cartilages in the discs and joints found in the neck. The pain can radiate to shoulder and arms, the neck may become stiff.

Slipped Disc From A Car Accident

One of the most common causes of low back pain are herniated discs in the spinal column which compress the nerves causing pain, numbness in the lumbar region which may extend to the legs as well.

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