Lawyer Referral- Trauma Injury Accidents, Broken Teeth, TMJ?

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Lawyers For Broken Teeth and TMJ From An Auto Accident

Our Dental referral team consists of  dentists and dental specialists experienced with auto accidents,workers compensation and personal injury claims ,as well as attorneys,lawyers and law firms. Dental trauma is any injury to any part of the mouth such as the teeth lips gums tongue and jawbones. Auto accidents,motorcycle accidents,truck accidents, Sports car accidents, physical fights, hard foods and too-hot liquids are all potential causes of dental traumas. Broken or knocked-out teeth are the most common mouth injury from an auto accident

The symptoms of dental trauma depend on the type of accident or injury. Soft tissue injuries such as cuts burns or bruises to the lips inner cheeks or tongue can result in pain redness swelling and possible bleeding. Broken teeth result in sharp edges that can potentially cut the soft tissue. Depending on the type of fracture broken teeth may also result in toothache. A tooth that has been knocked out or evulsed will leave a swollen painful and bloody socket. A broken jawbone can lead to malocclusion (improper fit of the upper and lower teeth) jaw pain and limited movement in the temporomandibular joint the joint that opens and closes the mouth.

An accident  dentist can easily recognize signs of trauma in the mouth. He or she may x-ray the mouth to determine the extent of the damage. The sensitivity of the oral tissues means that mouth traumas tend to be painful so prompt treatment of suspected traumas is recommended. Injury to the mouth can be an important part of your personal injury negligence claim. An auto accident or personal Injury Lawyer can discuss this with you

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