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When an auto accident happens at high speed whiplash injuries can occur.That is when an Auto accident chiropractor  is a wise choice. An Auto accident very often results in the driver or passengers can suffering whiplash injuries to the neck. The head is heavy and the cervical spine supports it. An impact can cause the head to be pulled forward and then back, causing injury. As a Chiropractor for your auto  accident can explain, this can cause serious pain. Chiropractors often work hand in hand with auto accident lawyers. Very often your lawyer will suggest you see a chiropractor for your auto accident.

When you see an x-ray of the backbone in profile, it looks like a slightly curving S shape. It is supported by ligaments, joints and muscles. The vertebrae have a hole in the center of each where the spinal cord runs through. The bones serve as hard protection for the nerves that run from the spinal cord to all parts of the body. An auto accident can effect your vertebrae. Rear end collisions or auto accidents can have a serve effect do to the movement .

The backbone is amazingly flexible. It allows a person to bend over and pick something up from the floor. It enables sitting, standing, turning sideways and turning cartwheels. Joints and ligaments strengthen the backbone and help it perform all these feats of movement. The chiropractor is skilled in dealing with the misalignment that an auto accident can cause.

An auto accident can easily cause the tissue surrounding the spine to swell up. When it presses against a nerve, the result is severe pain. Gentle manipulations performed by the chiropractor are employed to relieve much of the pain. Sometimes massage is used in addition to the adjustments. A chiropractor for your car accident is a good choice.

In a young person, the spongy discs that lie between the vertebrae protect one bone from rubbing against another. As a person grows older, these discs lose the spongy flexibility and it is easier for pain to develop in the back as the bones rub against each other.  An auto accident chiropractor has experience in the damaging effects on the vertebrae.

The auto accident  chiropractor is dealing with a complex structure when he uses his skills to manipulate the spine. It has three main parts, the cervical (neck area), the thoracic spine (middle back area) and the thoracic, which is the lower back.  The auto accident chiropractor can achieve a high degree of pain relief with gentle adjustments. Between appointments, your chiropractor may advise the you to do mild exercise and apply hot or cold compresses to manage the pain. It is incorrect to think all pain can be eliminated. However, it can be reduced to a manageable amount by an experienced  car accident chiropractor.

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